Members of Parliament attend the class

Mehrnousch Zaeri-Esfahani opens her „Persian treasure chest“ for the VKL-students

In a preparatory class, children who come from abroad first learn German and are then partially or fully integrated into regular classes in the type of school that suits them.

On October 4, 2016, the OHG was given the go-ahead for the first and so far only preparatory class at a grammar school in Karlsruhe. The VKL started as a pilot project at the Otto-Hahn-Gymnasium, initially in cooperation with the Schillerschule. Meanwhile the OHG is solely responsible and every year between 15 and 20 students are taught in the VKL.

The VKL at the Otto-Hahn-Gymnasium is geared towards children up to 12 years of age. In addition to the actual lessons, the students are firmly integrated into school life  with the possibility of taking part in homework supervision and working groups, excursions and events, such as a visit by the Iranian-born author Mehrnousch Zaeri-Esfahani, enriching everyday school life.

The VKL also provides class mentors from the SMV (Student-Co-Administration). From the school year 2021/2022, the newcomers will be supported by sixteen trained student mentors from grade-level 7 to 10 who are on hand to give help and advice.

If pupils from the VKL are accepted into the regular classes, there are further grants, which are mainly organized in collaberation with external cooperation partners. The school benefits above all from the very good cooperation with the International Federation (IB).

The VKL enables learning from and with one another. Schoolchildren from other countries enrich our school life and our everyday life. Multiculturalism, internationalism, however you want to call it: Our life is colorful and diverse and the Otto-Hahn-Gymnasium is happy to be able to make its contribution to the harmonious coexistence of cultures in our country.

The VKL class teacher is Ms. Jung. She is also the contact person for all questions related to this.

Bilder: A. Jung